Cari Jaye Sokoloff

Cari Jaye Sokoloff is a highly skilled, award-winning design professional and artist with 14 years experience in product design and development, collateral design and brand management, strategic planning, and business development. She has demonstrated her ability to capture market-leader positioning with her innovative products and unique uses of color, finishes, and materials.

Cari’s talent in identifying emerging trends and iconic designs has received recognition through multiple awards and coverage in over 250 national magazines, newspapers, and television. Cari’s talent in reinterpreting traditional designs coupled with her strong networking abilities has enabled her to capture coveted contracts.

Cari’s inspiration comes from her international understanding gained through foreign travel that has included Israel, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, and Belgium. Whether working as an artist in hand-cast bronze and mixed media or working as a product and brand designer, Cari adheres to her leading creative principal of integrity of design and materials.

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